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This blog is full of thoughts on nursing, nurse practitioners, service to others and life in general. It is a compilation of things that interest me and are important to me. I believe that nursing is the most vital of health care professions and is one of the solutions to the health care crises ACROSS the globe, not just in the U.S. If you know a nurse, or love one, tell them today how important they are. If not for nursing care, people would not even go to the hospital. Thank you to all the nurses who make my life better.

If you would like to contact me about the blog you may do so at or follow me on twitter @onlinenursing.

About me: I have been a nurse for 14 years and a nurse practitioner for 8 years. I have done everything in nursing (and I mean everything, travel nursing, ICU work, flight nursing, pediatrics, school nursing, urgent care, nursing educator ASN level and BSN level, asthma educator, diabetes clinic, Lamaze instructor….. you get the picture). Every job I have had I HAVE LOVED…. but I also love new opportunities and new adventures. That is the beauty of nursing, you never run out of adventure. My latest adventure…. finishing up my PhD at one of the best online nursing programs I have ever been in at UMKC.

I love my kids, my hot husband, my dauchsund frankie, chocolate peanutbutter icecream, reading, and playing on my laptop.

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