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Faculty Nursing Shortage, Kindle 2.0, and other thoughts

February 9, 2009

In late July Medscape and Nursing Outlook published an excellent article on the Nurses Faculty shortage. Important information for a still aging generation and while the economy is grim, the need for health care does not change (See: Interestingly, many hospitals and health systems want to continue to maintain their profit margin and are thus laying off nurses, placing a hiring freeze, or cutting out over time. While such cost cutting measures are understandable, cutting nurses first is not the wisest choice. Nurses are all ready often overwhelmed with patient loads and with new automation of health care records, which is an excellent step forward, time for patient care is more limited.

On a similar thread, Kindle 2.0 is out and you can check it out at: However, it may have competition with Plastic Logic. You can check it out at: In either case, the world of print is changing. For those of us who are nursing faculty this means text books and the ways that we deliver content are changing. This process is both good and bad. While I am a believer in automation and love the chance to carry around many books all in the pocket of my lab coat, other older students are not so enthusiastic. Staying abreast and viable is critical though for our students who will work in completely automated systems.

Are nursing text taking the lead and migrating to Kindle? A quick search of one of the leading textbook manufacturers Elsevier’s Nursing site reveals that no hits for the term “Kindle” or “Kindle format” are returned from quicksearch. Further, the terms “electronic book”, “electronic text” or “electronic format” only yield 4 book results. Time to pick it up Nursing. Faculty and publishers need to lead the way into this age of technology….

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